No going back on Imo governorship -KOWA Party candidate

No going back on Imo governorship -KOWA Party candidate
The governorship candidate of KOWA Party in Imo State, Mr. Okechukwu Okoroafor has assured his teeming supporters that he is on track to winning the Imo State Governorship election in 2019.
Speaking to newsmen in Isiala Mbano local government area, Mr. Okechukwu Okoroafor said that nothing will ever stop him from liberating his beloved Imo State in this 2019.
The Governorship candidate of KOWA PARTY said that he is fully prepared to govern the state in 2019, assuring the people of the state of his resolve and determination to reposition the state for better, if given the people’s mandate.
The Orji Uratta born International businessman maintained that he will not be intimidated by those politicians he described as never meant well for the state, adding that he will do everything within his reach and powers to transform Imo to a modern State.
Okoroafor expressed optimism in his ability to fix and liberate the people of Imo state from the hands of  greedy politicians that have kept Imo in darkness, saying the people of the state must be liberated so that the state can move forward.
The youthful governorship candidate of KOWA PARTY in the 2019 general election reassured the people of the state that he will not relent nor surrender no matter the pressure from his fellow candidates that are afraid of his rising political profile.
He said that he can never betray his beloved people of Imo state whom he says have been betrayed over and over by selfish politicians and swore to work for Imolites no matter the circumstances when in government.
The people’s choice said that Imo people must be liberated from the shackles of bad leadership that are bent on holding the state backward.
The governorship hopeful said that Imo must move forward no matter the efforts these selfish politicians and leaders are making to stop me from making the state a better place for all to live.
” I can assure you all that I will make Imo State a place where everybody will have opportunity to excel. Our People will no long beg to eat, our children will no longer go to 18th century schools in this our 21st century, our hospitals shall be very well equipped and free, our people will have access to soft loans for farming and small scale businesses. We  will create an enabling environment for our people in diaspora and international investors to come in to help our economy grow to meet with the demand of the people of the state”.
The incoming governor of Imo state encourage the people to read his manifestoes and/ or his 15 point agenda to understand his people centred policies and programmes for the state

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