A world class certified welding Inspector, member of American Welding Society, Member of Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria and University of Port Harcourt trained Mechanical Engineer, Hon. Mbidom Franklyn Tochukwu has promised to offer the good people of Orlu State Constituency a focused, purposeful and result driven representation if given the mandate to represent them in the IMO state House Assembly via the upcoming March 2nd ,2019 State Assembly election.
According to the Ihunnachi, Amaifeke, Orlu born Mechanical Engineer turned politician, the people at the grassroots deserve a fair deal from their leaders this time around, having been so grossly shortchanged over the years because of indifferent attitude and low quality of persons entrusted with political leadership.

He regretted that most political office holders are not prepared and rarely know their responsibilities, challenges of their offices and high expectations of the electorate and as a result of that always find it difficult to live above board and up to the expectations of those that elected them into the public Office.

The soft spoken ,unassuming and highly cerebral Oil servicing expert made the declaration penultimate weekend, while fielding questions with newsmen in Orlu.He observed that the people at the grassroots are loosing their patience and obviously unhappy and the fact that all good hands should be on deck to get things properly fixed ,informed his decision and that of other concerned patriots to get involved so that the much deserved and desired positive change is actualized in the fractured political leadership of the state.

On what experience and knowledge he intends to bring to bear in the state House of Assembly if given the mandate, Hon Mbidom stressed that he was active in the Student Union politics during his days in the University and that his exposure at the work place as well as background as a technocrat cum core professional have enriched him enough to apply and provide a credible and visionary leadership as a representative of his people. According to him,he is purposely coming on board with a positive change in leadership style that would give his representation in the IMO state legislature a monumental and phenomenal success story.

Hon Mbidom revealed that he opted to seek for elective office on the platform of Accord Party because he believes in the credibility,capacity and foresight of the gubernatorial candidate of the party in the state and immediate past Governor of state, Dr Ikedi Ohakim, who according to him, during his first tenure as the Executive Governor of State between 2007 and 2011, performed marvelously and creditably.

He added that Accord party providing platform to the former Governor is well intended and deserves the support of every right thinking and well meaning citizen of IMO state so that Okigwe could complete their remaining one tenure of four years through Dr Ohakim ,paving way for rotation of gubernatorial position to Owerri zone in the spirit of equity,fairness and Justice as encapsulated in much accepted and discussed ‘IMO Charter of Equity’.

Emphasizing on his core Agenda for his people if elected, apart from his primary responsibility as a Legislator,Hon Mbidom assured that he basically has youth empowerment as his number one program because he discovered that any empowerment that does not begin with the youth cannot achieve the desired objective. According to him, the youth should be skilled and self sustaining and should also be taught how to fish ,instead of being pampered and fed all the time with fish.

He said that he has other elaborate programs that will encompass healthcare, education and security of lives and property of his constituents.

On how he intends to actualize the laudable programs given the fact that he is not aspiring for executive position in government, the promising Accord Party Candidate stated that as an aspiring lawmaker who will perform oversight functions on the Ministries ,Agencies and Departments of government, he is expected to lobby to make in put in the annual budgets where development projects are captured. He expressed optimism that the annual Constituency fund made available will be well channeled and the people carried along in the execution of the projects.

When asked his chances of winning what promises to be a keenly contested election in the political history Orlu LGA and IMO state in general,Mbidom was full of conviction that victory is long assured to Accord party at all level ,especially his own at Orlu Council Area where the already existing charter of equity favours his geopolitical divide of Orsu to produce the next House of Assembly member. Mbidom observed that his youth driven manifesto and healthy relationship existing between him and the youth of his Constituency are big plus for him in the contest,assuring that with the massive support of the teeming youth and women population that he will certainly win the election.

Extending his message and goodwill to Orlu and IMO electorate, Hon Mbidom called on all and sundry to remember and adhere to the principles of equity, fair play and Justice as bequeathed to this generation by the founding fathers of IMO state. He admonished for voting the right,experienced, credible and responsible candidates which ikedi Ohakim and himself represent so that IMO state can move forward.

Hon Mbidom eulogized the former Governor for his creativity and brilliance, exemplified by the wonderful blueprint on health, environment and education programs as encapsulated in his manifesto if given the mandate to serve the state again.

He advised the electorate to shun money bags and those desperate for public office through inducement.
He also thanked the good people of Orlu state Constituency for their continued support, with strong assurance that he will do their bidding and will never disappoint them.

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